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Highlander Institute Priority Practices Tool

We use the Priority Practices Tool as a walkthrough tool to track progress of teachers implementing blended & personalized learning in their classrooms on specific practices. The tool includes classroom practices aligned to four domains: Classroom Culture; Identity, Interest, & Agency; Differentiation; and Rigor & Mastery. During the Fuse RI Program, Fuse Partner Districts prioritize 3-4 indicators on this tool to guide the coaching process.

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Fuse RI District Readiness Survey

As part of the Fuse RI onboarding process, we gather information from leadership team members from our partner districts. This 20-minute self-assessment asks participants to reflect on the status of blended learning systems and routines across their individual practices, their leadership team, and their district. Survey data is reported back to the district and guides us as we develop priorities and services for this year. We also use information from this initial surveys as baseline data so we can show growth over time throughout our two year partnership.

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