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Teacher Testimonials

"Since we went on our school visits, I have been very motivated to change my classroom environment...we did it - we took the tables that I had in the classroom and switched them for the students' desks in order to create a more flexible blended learning environment. I am so excited to teach with this new set up. The children were beyond excited to see the flexibility and space to promote the hands on learning and flexible grouping that we have in our classroom. Thanks for inspiring me with the set up and instruction!"

"One of our most senior teachers in the building…is really doing kind of a personalized learning in her classroom now…. She said, 'You know, everything I do now, I try to think about how I’m going to personalize this, and work with small groups, rather than doing a whole group.' "

"It was the students, and it wasn’t rehearsed, who talked about the benefits of having that type of instruction, and I think that’s what won over the other teachers."

"This teacher has grown from a teacher who was good to very good, to an innovator, to somebody who’s clearly highly effective, and has a multidimensional bag of tricks now to engage kids, and the technology is what sparked it for her."