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Our Purpose

Fuse RI — created by, with, and for RI educators.


Leading educational theorists predict that education will be transformed by technology — initially by offering enhancements to the traditional classroom system, and ultimately positioning this system for complete transformation (Clayton Christensen Institute, 2013).

As hardware and software become more present in Rhode Island classrooms, educators are searching for efficient ways to identify and implement high-tech practices that have the greatest potential for impact. Our goal in uniting Rhode Island through Fuse RI is to support the strategic use of technology and data to increase personalization, engagement, and the development of essential skills for students across our state.


Our Fellows have reached out to all Rhode Island LEAs to share information about blended learning and the Fuse RI program and to gauge initial interest. We are currently partnered with 18 LEAs in SY2015-16 and plan to expand our support to additional LEAs in SY2016-17.


Whether an LEA partners with FuseRI or not, all RI LEAs are invited to participate in free Highlander Institute events including EdTechRI Meet-Ups, EdUnderground, EdCamp RI and more.