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At Highlander Institute, we use these working definitions to describe common terminology in the Fuse RI Fellowship. 

360 Assessment
Feedback survey completed by the Fellow, Partner Fellow, Advisor, and a Partner District representative each year.

Blended & Personalized Learning Framework
Highlander Institute's theory of action & process for supporting districts to meet their visions around blended & personalized learning.

Boot Camp
2-day summer training during Years 1 & 2 of the Fellowship.

Cycle of Embedded Supports
A coaching model for working with early adopter teachers as they progress toward lighthouse classroom status that does not typically require the teacher to be pulled out of the classroom, or to meet before or after the school day.

District Readiness Survey
Self-assessment completed by members of Fuse RI Partner District Leadership teams at beginning & end of program. This survey gives Fuse Fellows & their advisors a sense for where the team is in regard to blended & personalized learning knowledge, implementation, and infrastructure.

Early Adopters
Teachers who demonstrate a growth mindset and are willing to try innovative classroom practices. Early adopter teachers are coached by Fuse Fellows in the second half of Year 1 and all of Year 2 of the Fellowship.

Face to Face (F2F)
3-hour monthly meetings with both cohorts of Fuse Fellows.

Lighthouse Classroom
A model classroom for blended & personalized learning as defined by either the Walkthrough Tool or a Partner District's local walkthrough rubric. Term coined by Dallas Dance & Baltimore County Public Schools.

Look For
An indicator that describes observable teacher and/or student behaviors that support blended & personalized learning.

Look Fors Meeting
Second touchpoint between Fellows & Partner District Leadership team to select priority practices from the Walkthrough Tool to guide the embedded coaching process.

Monthly Mission
Assignments posted for fellows to complete during their first year of the Fellowship.

MyFuseRI Project
Independent capstone project that Fellows complete during their second year of the Fellowship.

Site Visit
Opportunity for Fuse Partner Districts and their early adopters to visit classrooms across Rhode Island that are implementing strong blended & personalized learning practices.

Teacher Cohort
A group of early adopter teachers that is being coached to become lighthouse classrooms.

Vision Meeting
First touchpoint between Fellows & Partner District Leadership team to elicit info for district’s blended & personalized learning vision, identify goals, and define scope of work for the 2 years of the Fellowship.