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Kelcy Dolan, Warwick Beacon

January 29, 2015

Classrooms across the country are quickly evolving as new technology is introduced. Gone are the days of just paper and pencil; schools are now incorporating tablets, e-readers, laptops among various other devices into the normal school day to help students prepare for the modern age of technology.

Here in Rhode Island, the Highlander Institute, based out of Providence, is trying to help schools better enhance technology integration and blended learning efforts.

Warwick was chosen to be a part of the Highlander Institute’s Fuse RI program, which allows for teachers, or selected fellows, across districts to collaborate on blended learning strategies.

The Highlander Institute, which began in 1990, is an organization dedicated to the improvement of education and making sure all children have the opportunities and support they deserve. Highlander Institute provides various educational services backed by research.

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