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Do you want to be a part of the Fuse movement?

Yes! I’m interested in becoming a Fuse RI Fellow.

Fuse Fellows are passionate and curious educators striving to take their practice to the next level. They are innovators and leaders in their schools/districts. They are natural change agents who raise their hands and say, “I’ll do it” and “Let’s try." They seek opportunities to advance the field through their own leadership and instructional innovation.

We are currently recruiting educators for our fourth cohort of Fuse RI Fellows. Please consider applying today!

Fuse Fellows are:

Enthusiastic about Personalized Learning

You understand the benefits of blended & personalized learning, and are eager to learn more. You are inherently curious and passionate about strategies to improve student outcomes.

Driven by Research

You love learning, exploring, and gathering new information regarding technology and teaching. You share resources and ideas that are relevant, applicable, and beneficial to your district.

Passionate about People

You enjoy working with people and helping them solve their problems. You communicate well with colleagues and administrators – and people want you on their team.

Skillful Time Managers

You are a time management ninja! Balancing a full-time job with this fellowship will require keen time management, organizational, and scheduling skills.

Outside-of-the-Box Thinkers

Each district or school will have unique challenges and opportunities. You can come up with innovative solutions and resources to address their specific needs.

Fuse Fellows must commit approximately 100 hours per school year and are expected to:

  • Attend a summer boot camp (two days)
  • Attend monthly face-to-face meetings (3 hours after school)
  • Provide 5 days of service to their Fuse Partner District
  • Meet all program and pilot-related deadlines
  • Build positive relationships within partner districts and among cohort members
  • Communicate regularly and provide updates on an ongoing basis
  • Continue to pursue excellence and innovation in their current roles, and uphold all other classroom, school, and/or district responsibilities


Spring 2018: Cohort 5 Recruitment, Application, & Interviews
Summer 2018: Summer Boot Camp
Fall 2018: Initial Training & District Matching
Winter 2018 - Spring 2019: District Support & Ongoing Professional Development

Yes! I'm interested in bringing Fuse RI to my district.

The goal of Fuse RI is to advance the use of blended and personalized learning practices across the state of Rhode Island, one district at a time. By becoming a Fuse RI district, you will receive customized supports from two Fuse RI Fellows who will help you articulate your vision and put the necessary supports in place to bring it to life.

The number of new districts we bring on this year will depend on the size of our cohort of new Fellows and the specific needs of the districts. If you are interested in becoming a Fuse RI District, please click below to fill out a short interest form.

Yes! I'm interested in starting a Fuse program in my state or district.

Through the Fuse RI Program, Highlander Institute has created a model for scaling blended and personalized learning support across a district or state. A district-level implementation is currently underway with 22 Fellows in Syracuse City Schools and we are in the planning phases of supporting implementation in several other sites nationally. If you are interested in bringing a Fuse program to your state or district, please click below to fill out a short interest form.