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Are you interested in honing your blended classroom practice?

Yes! I’m interested in becoming a member of the Fuse RI Classroom program.

The Fuse RI Classroom initiative began in summer 2016. This program brings together classroom teachers and coaches who are eager to create more blended and personalized learning Lighthouse Classrooms across Rhode Island. Due to the different roles of its participants, Fuse RI Classroom has 2 “tracks,” or pathways: Fuse RI Teacher and Fuse RI Coach.

Fuse RI Teacher

Fuse RI Teachers are individuals who are honing blended learning implementation skills in their classrooms. Participants will receive multiple coaching touchpoints and layers of support over the course of the academic year.

Fuse RI Coach

Fuse RI Coaches are instructional and/or educational technology coaches in their home districts who are interested in coaching teachers passionate about blended and personalized learning. Participants will be trained in and have opportunities to practice Highlander Institute’s embedded supports model during the academic year.

We are currently recruiting educators for our second Fuse RI Classroom cohort. Please consider applying today!

Fuse RI Classroom Coaches & Teachers are expected to:

  • Attend a summer boot camp (two days)
  • Attend 3 full-day cohort meetings over the course of the academic year
  • Meet all program-related deadlines
  • Build positive relationships within coaching partners and among cohort members
  • Communicate regularly and provide updates on an ongoing basis
  • Continue to pursue excellence and innovation in their current roles, and uphold all other classroom, school, and/or district responsibilities


Spring 2017: Cohort 2 Recruitment & Application
Summer 2017: Summer Boot Camp
Fall 2017: Initial Training & Coach/Teacher Matching
Winter 2018 - Spring 2019: Coaching Support & Ongoing Professional Development