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Fuse Fellow Testimonials

"I am learning and growing with every new opportunity. I seek out connections to support my district and share with other districts, I thank you for the lasting connections I have made during the past 2 years. Thanks for all of the opportunities that have been opened up through this program."

"I'm so fortunate to have been part of this fellowship. Had no idea what I was getting into. Everyone at Highlander Institute was so enthusiastic. So proud to know Highlander Institute staff. It was awesome. Great experience."

"My favorite thing about the whole Fuse fellowship is the Highlander staff and working with such knowledgeable, positive and encouraging people."

"My Fellow partner is a devoted advocate for quality education for all students in RI. She is warm, supportive and optimistic. Her passionate outlook and humanistic approach draws people to her. She has been an outstanding partner who is productive and reliable. She also feels comfortable collaborating and working in the leadership role as well as allowing others to step up and take the lead. I am fortunate to have been partnered with her, and look forward continued learning with her as a part of my Fuse network."

"I am learning a lot from other teachers. I also really love the opportunity to focus on our personal goals. I feel like this is a great space for us to work on teaching and leading."