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“What the hand does, the mind remembers.“

–Maria Montessori

Mike Miele

Formerly Foster

Mike Miele is an Educational Strategies Specialist at Highlander Institute. He was previously a Science and Technology Coach at Captain Isaac Paine Elementary School in Foster, RI. Prior to this position, he taught 5th-grade English Language Arts. Mike is looking forward to learning, collaborating, and making connections with like-minded fuse fellows/districts. He holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the University of Rhode Island, and Master of Arts in Teaching with a focus in Elementary and Elementary Special Education from Johnson & Wales University. It is at JWU that Mike began developing his educator super power by received training in P-BL (project-based learning) & UbD (understanding by design). This “super power” allows Mike to create authentic student-centered learning tasks that empower a student’s love of learning through collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and creativity. During the 2015-2016 school year Mike presented his work with Project Based Learning at the 2016 P-BL Conference at Providence College. He was also awarded second place in Rhode Island's Civics Educator Competition for his P-BL connecting ELA to Human Rights.
  • Helped develop and support Robert L Bailey IV, Elementary School’s Early Adopter Cohort for 2 years
  • Founded and hosted Project Based Learning Rhode Island, a monthly meetup for educators passionate about PBL
  • Presented at various state and national conferences
  • Co-presented a webinar on PBL with Edweek and Newsela
  • Co-created the InspirED course, “Blended Learning in Blended Classroom”


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“Educators get keen on project-based learning initiatives,” published by Jen Cowart in the Cranston Herald.