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Karen Costa


Karen is a Grade 4 teacher at Central Elementary School in Lincoln. As a Fuse Fellow, she enjoys sharing her knowledge of blended learning with others. The students we teach have never known life without the ability to access technology in an instant. With this in mind, she strives each day to instill the understanding that the technology we use in school is a tool. First and foremost, she guides students to focus on the content from the standards, as well as, the practices and processes that successful learners use. Having 20+ years of experience behind her will helps Karen support others on their blended journeys. In addition, she feels that others take comfort knowing that she continues to try new things and adapt her instruction to best meet the needs of her students. She considers reflection and continuing to educate herself of utmost importance. Karen's educator superpower is the ability to see each child’s unique personality and interests, help them discover how to use their strengths and accept their challenges to persevere in learning. The greatest compliment she has received from students is that she made them feel smart!