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“Be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your methods.“


Kimberly Ramos

North Kingstown

Kimberly has been a North Kingstown educator since 1997. She became the district’s Technology Instructional Coach in 2014. She is responsible for creating and delivering blended learning professional development and enjoys collaborating with education professionals across RI. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the RI Society of Technology Educators. When she’s not advocating for blended learning, she can be found either on the golf course or at Fenway Park, cheering on the Red Sox. Having been on the receiving end of a Fuse Partnership for the first two years of the program's existence, she is eager to share all she has learned with other districts. She is excited to guide others through their journey of blending technology with teaching and learning. Her superpower is flexibility. Not everything goes as planned. It's important to know that when something's going well, roll with it, but when things aren't working as you'd expected it's okay to stop, reassess, and make a new plan.
  • Coached early adopters at Carl G. Lauro Elementary School
  • Led series of districtwide after school professional development workshops in home district
  • Presented at statewide conferences including BPLC, RI Teacherfest, SLRI, and RIDE Innovation Powered by Technology


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