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Kathy Torregrossa


Kathy is the Coordinator of Teacher Professional Development, Evaluation, & Mentor Programs for Cranston Public Schools. Her role as a teacher leader in her district is to support teachers, which includes blending technology into instructional plans. She has recruited the district's own teachers to facilitate professional learning and has offered some courses of her own. She realizes that the best professional learning however, is job-embedded, one on one, in the moment, with students and teachers. The coaching model is the most powerful and rewarding and she is so excited to improve her coaching skills as she learns new technology and ways to blend it into instruction. Kathy feels her educator superpowers include listening, problem solving, and negotiating, which helps in her work with teachers (and students) as they move into new areas and try new things. She has a growth mindset - never give up - always try - mistakes are opportunities to learn!