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Julie Beauvais

Mount Saint Charles Academy

Julie is currently the Assistant Principal at Mount Saint Charles Academy, where she has been an educator for over 15 years. Prior to her role as an administrator, she was a special education teacher in the academic support center. Having the opportunity to learn and grow as an educator is one of the things she is most excited for as a member of the Fuse Fellowship. She is grateful for the opportunity to expand her professional network with motivated and like-minded educators around Rhode Island. As an instructional leader, she looks forward to sharing her knowledge around personalized and blended learning with her colleagues at Mount Saint Charles. Julie is inspired by the work that Highlander Institute is doing and she's ecstatic to be a part of this important movement in education. Her educator superpower is that she is a dedicated, positive supporter of all student and teacher learning. She often takes on a “whatever it takes” attitude and will work hard to see things come to fruition. She is always will to lend a hand to make the vision become a reality.