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“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.“

–Margaret Mead

Jennifer Graham

East Providence

Jennifer is a Secondary Technology and Intervention Coach for the East Providence School Department. She is excited to be a member of the Fuse RI team because of the great professional connections that are made, the innovative ideas that are shared, and the inspirational people who are working to advance teaching and learning in Rhode Island. Her educator superpowers include her organizational skills, patience, and passion.
  • Coached early adopters at Tiverton Middle School; one of these teachers was chosen as the BPLC19 model classroom simulation for middle school
  • Created and facilitated Practice Playground all day sessions at BPLC18 and BPLC19
  • Facilitated several site visits to home district of East Providence focused on blended & personalized learning practices
  • Working with Director of Instructional Technology and Data to redesign K-12 CS Curriculum for East Providence
  • Guest on Instant Relevance Podcast. Listen here:

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