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Heather Coughlin

East Providence

Heather is an ELA teacher at East Providence High School with 13 years of experience teaching grades 9 and 12. She feels that becoming a Fuse Fellow is exciting because of the opportunity to meet and collaborate with educators that are also interested in incorporating blended and personalized learning into their instruction. She considers her organizational skills to be her educator superpower. From organizing lesson plans in color coded binders to her gold paper clips that match her room decor, she takes pride in a neat and orderly classroom. So much of teaching can be unpredictable and Heather finds that when everything has a place, it is easier to deal with those curve balls. The organizational systems she has put in place in her classroom are not just for her benefit, she also has a system for students to collect their missing work due to absences and for retrieving and returning their Chrome Books from the cart that help cut down on the chaos.