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“Every student can learn, just not on the same day, or the same way.“

–George Evans

Heather Breton


Heather is entering her fifteenth year teaching second grade at Garden City Elementary School in Cranston, RI. She is very excited to be a Fuse Fellow and work with other teachers and administrators who share the same philosophy on learning. She is looking forward to sharing blended and personalized learning ideas with other teachers and showing them the positive impacts it has on students. Heather is also looking forward to learning more blended and personalized learning ideas from my other Fuse Fellows. Her educational superpower is that she's always looking for new ways to implement blended and personalized learning in her classroom.
  • Created a Makerspace at her elementary school; provided district PD on Makerspaces & blended learning
  • Became one of her district's Instructional Technology Coaches
  • Participated in the EdUnderground at BPLC 2018 & 2019 with her students as experts
  • Named Teacher of the Month by Eduporium (November 2018)

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