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“School should be not a place where answers go to die, but a place where questions come to life.“

–George Couros

Erica DeVoe


Erica has been teaching for 11 years in the English department at Westerly High School and is in her 4th year as the Department Chairperson. She is also a Nationally Board Certified teacher in Adolescent and Young Adult ELA. She is most excited about bringing an outsider’s perspective to neighboring districts to support them in providing meaningful blended learning experiences for students. She lives in Ashaway with her husband, Tyler, and their three young kids, Carlee, Brody and Tessa.
  • Helped develop and support Portsmouth School District's Early Adopter Cohort for 2 years
  • Presented at various state and national conferences
  • Co-created and co-maintain a faculty blog for Westerly High School
  • Co-created unifying #hashtag for school community (#BulldogEd)
  • Co-facilitated live faculty Twitter chat as PD


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BullDogEd Blog

This blog seeks to digest information about blended and personalized learning and publish it in bite-sized nuggets for the Westerly High School community. Our goal is for this space to be a bi-weekly dose of “what’s good” – some inspiration, a new idea, a spotlight on a colleague facing similar challenges as you, a baby step that you can take to shift your craft to a more personalized, yet pedagogically sound, model.



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