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“I aspire to innovate, challenge, and break the mold of traditional learning. I believe all students have the capacity to reach their inner strength through creativity, personalization and support within their learning environment.“

–Dayna Safran

Dayna Safran


Dayna is a fourth grade teacher at Hampden Meadows School in Barrington, Rhode Island. She has taught 4th or 5th grade in CT, MA, and RI. She has an Ed.M in Technology, Innovation and Education from Harvard University. She is thrilled to be a Fuse Fellow! Dayna gains knowledge through collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and communicating with others. The Fuse Fellowship is a wonderful opportunity to connect with other Teacher Leaders throughout the state and participate in a positive movement to influence teaching & learning. She believes in integrating curriculum and providing students with the right technological “tools” to help students extend their thinking in all subject areas. Dayna’s superpower is akin to an Aquatic Dragon- she is someone is who is dedicated and fierce in what she believes in, yet her creative ideas flow through the waters in a relaxed, continuous fashion.
  • Coached early adopters to embrace change, include more student discussion, and lead others in their school
  • Developed a Seesaw 'how to' session at her school during a professional development day, explaining the importance of a personalized digital portfolio
  • Participated in EdUnderground Playground at BPLC18 & BPLC19 with her students, providing a testing ground for new products & sharing real feedback with companies