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“I'm not young enough to know everything.“

–Oscar Wilde

Danielle Renzi


Danielle is an English Teacher at E-Cubed Academy in Providence, RI. She is super excited to be a Fuse Fellow because she is passionate about working with other adults to make learning better for kids. Everyone learns differently, and blended and personalized models allow you to streamline solutions to the challenge of meeting the needs of all the diverse learners in our classrooms. She's excited to share some of her practices with other teachers, and to gain some insight from them. Fuse RI allows her to network, coach, learn and draw inspiration from the many talented individuals working in Rhode Island Education. Danielle's educator superpower is creating confidence in her students by being way more embarrassing than they'll ever be!
  • Learned that there are plenty of ways to lead, refine your practice, & change your mindset
  • Proud of the work of her early adopters & their willingness to try whatever she threw at them
  • Developed a strong relationship with her partner Fellows, learning from these boss ladies/rockstar moms

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