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“Whether you think you can or you think you can't -- you're right!“

–Henry Ford

Bill Black

East Providence

Bill Black is the Principal at Martin Middle School in East Providence. Prior to this position, he was the principal at West Broadway Middle School in Providence, where blended learning became a huge driver for student success. As a Fuse Fellow, he enjoys learning and collaborating with passionate educators to find ways to do what is best for kids!
  • Helped build vision for blended learning in Narragansett Public Schools
  • Provided professional development to grade level team in Narragansett
  • Helped implement the idea of a network of principals and leaders to move personalized learning in the state
  • Opened the doors of West Broadway Middle School to many Highlander Institute and Fuse RI partners to share learning.
  • Presented on a Fuse RI panel at the Tech & Learning Live Conference in Boston (May 2017)


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