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“Children do well if they can...if they can't, we adults need to figure out what's getting in the way, so we can help.“

–Dr. Ross Greene

Becky Jones

Formerly Westerly

Becky is an Accessible Educational Materials Consultant for TechACCESS of RI. Prior to this position, she was a special educator at Springbrook Elementary School in Westerly, where she also served as a Technology Support Liaison. She is excited to be part of the Fuse Fellow community since she's passionate about technology and ways to enhance learning and reduce teachers’ workloads. Her superpower as an educator is her willingness to try new things and be flexible with students in how they learn.
  • Increased student choice and personalization in her school by providing learning opportunities to colleagues in a variety of formats including pd, "appy hours", modeling, and a website
  • Built relationships with her early adopters & saw them weave blended & personalized learning practices into their classes
  • Strengthened her skills as a coach, leader, & presenter

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