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“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.“

–Margaret Mead

Amanda Murphy


Amanda Murphy is a social studies teacher and the Senior Project Coordinator at Westerly High School in Westerly, RI. Amanda completed her Master’s Certificate in Digital Literacy through URI in 2015 and is excited to continue her education as a FuseRI Fellow. She is looking forward to helping teachers play with the concepts of blended learning to help them build confidence with technology and take risks in their classrooms.
  • Supported two lighthouse classroom teachers who, in turn, have become leaders in their school around blended and personalized learning practices
  • Collaborated with teachers in my home district to infuse more student-centered practices into their classrooms
  • Co-authored a professional blog highlighting best practices with blended and personalized learning within my home district, Westerly
  • Launched a Twitter hashtag, #bulldoged, for the Westerly High School community to spotlight great work, celebrate achievements, and share resources


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“Digging Deep with Student-Authored Websites” by Amanda Murphy, published by International Literacy Association

“Smartphone Apps in Education: Students Create Videos to Teach Smartphone Use as a Tool for Learning” by Kara E. Clayton & Amanda Murphy, published in The Journal of Media Literacy Education

BullDogEd Blog

This blog seeks to digest information about blended and personalized learning and publish it in bite-sized nuggets for the Westerly High School community. Our goal is for this space to be a bi-weekly dose of “what’s good” – some inspiration, a new idea, a spotlight on a colleague facing similar challenges as you, a baby step that you can take to shift your craft to a more personalized, yet pedagogically sound, model.