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“Do what you love and love what you do.“


Alison Rose


Alison is a sixth grade math teacher at West Broadway Middle School in Providence. She is excited to be a Fuse Fellow because it gives her the opportunity to work with other fellows in the state. She can learn with others about the craft of personalization, share best practices, have time to reflect, and receive feedback. Alison is also excited to observe other blended classrooms in action at different phases of implementation. She believes being a Fuse Fellow will help her to continue improving as a teacher, which will help her students. Her educator superpower is the ability to make math fun!
  • Supported the Cranston district administration team in creating a BL/PL vision & implementation plan
  • Coached 4 amazing math teachers at Cranston HS West
  • Created a podcast to share the experience of teachers transitioning toward BL/PL

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