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Partner District Testimonials

"We were very fortunate to be selected as a Fuse District. Our fellows helped us think through our plans for using technology in our classrooms and presented sessions at our district PD day. In addition, Shawn Rubin helped us craft a plan for 1:1 roll out of Chromebooks for this school year. His insights and experience were invaluable to us. We would not be as far along as we are with blended learning without the support and help from Fuse RI."

"You got a glimpse of what’s possible. We found the people who were willing to take that leap, and tried to have that happen in their classrooms. So, that wouldn’t have happened without our partnership with Fuse."

"Your enthusiasm is contagious. It's such a delight and blessing to have you folks as experienced resources. We can't thank you enough. Your knowledge and hands-on experience in classrooms-- not to mention your relentless search for ways to help and sheer persistence to move us forward-- will certainly soon bear fruit in more ways than one in our district. Thanks again for your invaluable support in making our journey into edtech lighter and more joyful."

"Our Fellow is professional and extremely knowledgeable. She is able to meet teachers at their comfort level and navigate their learning in a gentle way. The district leadership staff and team has started to build a vision and action plan for blended learning and personalization in the classroom/district. She has been instrumental in motivating and recharging our team to move forward. We are looking forward to our work together in the future."

"Our Fuse Fellow is amazing. While interacting with our teachers, she must take notes on the needs of our early adopters because she immediately send out a list of resources in response to their needs. She asks wonderful probing questions gently yet in a straight forward enough manner to have effect, which is most helpful to those she is coaching. Writing and written communication is a definite strength."