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Curriculum Board

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Fellowship Basics
Blended Basics
Look Fors
Recruiting Early Adopters
Coaching Early Adopters
LEARN F1: Complete the Highlander History Playlist U1: Complete the Intro to Blended & Personalized Learning Playlist S1: Watch Footage from Previous Fellowship Vision Meetings E1: Conduct a Video Observation Using Blended Learning Best Practices Walkthrough Tool R1: Complete the Qualities of Early Adopters Playlist I1: Complete the Coaching Early Adopters Playlist
DEEPEN F2: Get Up and Running on Highlander Institute Systems U2: Read iNACOL “Mean What You Say” Paper on Competency Education S2: Review LEA Vision Meeting Overview & Customize Vision Meeting Slide Deck for your Assigned District E2: Rank the Indicators on Highlander Institute’s Walkthrough Tool R2: Review Rationale and Requirements for Recruiting Early Adopters I2: Familiarize Yourself with the Fuse RI Early Adopter Coaching Method
APPLY F3: Submit your Fuse Partner District Preference Form U3: Application Video Submission & Boot Camp Review S3: Facilitate Staged Vision Meeting E3: Select 3-4 Priority Look Fors & Rationale Aligned to Partner District Vision R3: Document Partner District’s Plan for Early Adopter Recruitment I3: Engage in Coaching Simulation with HI Staff Member
DELIVER F4: Institute Sign-Off on Personal Vision for Blended Learning U4: Submit Your September-October Mission & Video Reflection S4: Facilitate Vision Meeting in Your Fuse Partner District E4: Submit Finalized District Rubric for Coaching Early Adopters R4: Onboard Finalized Early Adopter Team into Implementation Plan I4: Set Time for HI Advisor to Observe You Coaching
ASSESS Video & Reflection Rubric Vision Meeting Rubric Look Fors Rubric Recruiting Early Adopters Rubric  Coaching Simulation Rubric