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Celebrating our First Ever #FuseFellowChat

Last Tuesday, February 6, 2018, marked our first ever cross-Fellowship Twitter chat. Using the hashtag #FuseFellowChat, the evening brought together Fellows, point-people, and other educators influenced by the 4 Fellowship programs across the country that are utilizing the Fuse model. These include:

  • Fuse RI, our flagship program founded in 2014 on a statewide level in Rhode Island;
  • SyraFuse, an intra-district version housed within the Syracuse City School District in central New York;
  • ABLE OC, a fellowship supporting partner schools in the Diocese of Orange County, California aimed at Advancing Blended Learning Education; and
  • Fuse MA, our newest program led in partnership with The Education Cooperative (TEC), which will train 17 Fellows and support 8 of TEC’s member districts in Massachusetts.

Facilitated by Roshni Lakhi, Program Manager for the SyraFuse Fellowship, the chat was our way to officially welcome the new Fuse MA Fellows to the fold and celebrate the ongoing work of current and alumni fellows. It was an hourlong conversation about the power (and challenges) of personalized learning, as well as the promise of teacher leadership. See below for the specific questions:

  • Q1: How can teacher leaders ignite change in a district or state?
  • Q2: What do educators have to let go of in order to embrace blended and personalized learning?
  • Q3: How has blended and personalized learning made your classroom stronger? For New Fellows: How do you envision it strengthening your classroom? 
  • Q4: How are you engaging students in having a voice in redesigning your classrooms?
  • Q5: What’s one new skill you’ve acquired or improved through the Fuse Fellowship? For New Fellows: What is one new skill you hope to acquire or improve? 
  • Q6: What advice do you have for new Fellows? For New Fellows: What questions are on your mind?

This sample tweet shows an interaction between Cristina, a new Fuse MA Fellow, and Erica, a Cohort 2 Fuse RI Fellow.

A brief look at the data behind the scenes of the chat echoes our excitement about the passion and expertise of the growing Fuse network. Over 80 individuals took time out of their busy Tuesday evenings to participate, postings almost 500 tweets from 8-9pm ET that night. And it was heartening to see the student-centered focus of those tweets as showcased in the word cloud generated from the conversation. 











We encourage Fellows and other educators to keep the virtual conversation going using #FuseFellowChat. We’re also planning an in-person gathering to coincide with the upcoming Blended & Personalized Learning Conference. So Fuse RI, SyraFuse, Fuse MA Fellows (and even ABLE OC Fellows if you want to Skype in from California!), be sure to save the date for our Fuse Fellow Meetup on Friday, April 6 from 5-7pm.

Written By: Maeve Murray