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The Making of Beautiful Blended Learning

In theory, blended learning is quite simple — blended learning is good teaching. The challenging part of blended learning is the synchronization of many moving parts, similar to a symphony orchestra coming together to make beautiful music. Blended learning begins with an educator or group of educators across a school or district identifying the skills…

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North Providence High School Is “More Than Ready To Start Work” With Fuse RI

NP High School begins pilot program for one-to-one computing devices By JESSICA BOISCLAIR, Valley Breeze Staff Writer NORTH PROVIDENCE – A group of students at North Providence High School will be using laptops instead of textbooks for the remainder of the school year as administration looks to collect data on the effects of one-to-one computing.…

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Shawn Rubin Talks Next Gen Learning In The Huffington Post

Posted by Tom Vander Ark October 23, 2014 The failures of top-down reforms are evident in many urban district–but so is the promise of organic, from the edges, outside-in innovation. Over the last three years, the explosion of mobile learning apps and the drop in device prices has resulted in hundreds of thousands of classrooms that…

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Attention Rockstar Educators: Don’t Forget to Sign Up For #EdTechRI Meetup

Are you a tech-savvy educator who loves trying new apps in your classroom? Are you an innovative administrator who is looking to bring educational technology into your school? Are you an entrepreneur seeking to connect with other like-minded edtech folks? Join us on Tuesday, September 30th for our kick-off EdTechRI Meetup! We will have 5-6 edtech companies joining us to share…

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Highlander Institute’s Eric Butash Speaks to EdTech Magazine About Rhode Island’s “Blended Learning Odyssey”

by D. Frank Smith September 18, 2014 The smallest state in the nation has undertaken the ambitious goal of becoming the first “blended learning state” in the nation. Blended learning is an education model that integrates online instruction with the traditional classroom learning experience. Instead of all students in a classroom working from the same textbook,…

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