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Fuse RI in the News

The School of the Future is Here

Jan 23, 2015

Well, actually, it’s in California. Picture a child learning to swim whose parent keeps surreptitiously scooting backward to encourage them to swim further. That’s a little bit like how I feel in my work supporting blended learning at the Highlander Institute. Just when I feel like I’m starting to get it, the target moves a…

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RI Educators to Visit Summit Public Schools in Silicon Valley

Jan 8, 2015

Providence, RI (January 7, 2015) A team of educators from across RI will travel to the Bay area in California next week to visit with leaders of  Summit Public Schools.  The trip brings together local school leaders, education researchers, and school designers. Participants in the trip to Summit Public Schools include:  Jessica Waters, RI Mayoral…

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The Making of Beautiful Blended Learning

Dec 18, 2014

In theory, blended learning is quite simple — blended learning is good teaching. The challenging part of blended learning is the synchronization of many moving parts, similar to a symphony orchestra coming together to make beautiful music. Blended learning begins with an educator or group of educators across a school or district identifying the skills…

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R.I. Gets Boost in Connecting Classrooms To High-Speed Internet

Dec 16, 2014

BY LINDA BORG Journal Staff Writer PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Rhode Island expects that at least 95 percent of all classrooms will have high-speed wireless Internet access by March, just in time for the new state assessment that most students will take on a computer. According to the Rhode Island Department of Education, 85 percent…

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North Providence High School Is “More Than Ready To Start Work” With Fuse RI

Dec 11, 2014

NP High School begins pilot program for one-to-one computing devices By JESSICA BOISCLAIR, Valley Breeze Staff Writer NORTH PROVIDENCE – A group of students at North Providence High School will be using laptops instead of textbooks for the remainder of the school year as administration looks to collect data on the effects of one-to-one computing.…

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First Districts to Participate in Fuse RI Announced

Nov 21, 2014

Providence, RI (November 18, 2014) Launched by the Highlander Institute and funded by The Learning Accelerator, Fuse RI was created to share, implement, evaluate, and scale blended learning by working with educators and districts across Rhode Island. This 3-year project promises to transform education for students and teachers. Districts spanning the state were selected in…

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Shawn Rubin Talks Next Gen Learning In The Huffington Post

Oct 23, 2014

Posted by Tom Vander Ark October 23, 2014 The failures of top-down reforms are evident in many urban district–but so is the promise of organic, from the edges, outside-in innovation. Over the last three years, the explosion of mobile learning apps and the drop in device prices has resulted in hundreds of thousands of classrooms that…

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It Takes Time to Save Time

Oct 15, 2014

by Laura Jackson October 15, 2014 If you texted me last Thursday, you probably didn’t hear back for a while. That goes for emails as well; they piled up in my inbox like Tetris blocks, both constantly and faster all the time. Please accept my apologies for the neglect. I was busy collaborating. As I…

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Fuse RI Gains Recognition from OSHEAN in “Blended Learning in IT Context”

Oct 2, 2014

Posted By David Marble October 02, 2014 For years I have witnessed the work of IT innovators forging ahead with the development of bold new approaches in communications technology, automation or simplification of task, data management, etc…  These creators of our industry as we know it today are true pioneers and have delivered extraordinary tools…

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Fuse RI Mentioned in EdSurge Article, “​The Learning Accelerator Makes A Second Round of Investments in Human Capital Projects”

Sep 25, 2014

ACCELERATED PD Sep 25, 2014 The Learning Accelerator, a nonprofit working to support the implementation of blended learning, has invested another $1 million in funding to support professional development for teachers and principals doing blended learning. This investment is the second round of investments made by TLA in the human capital sector. In April 2014, the organization invested…

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