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This post is by Beth Rabbitt, a partner at The Learning Accelerator

September 4, 2014 9:27 AM

On Tuesday, I touched upon some of the ways blended learning can be used to deepen student learning. Today, I’d love to tackle another group we tend not to emphasize in conversations about deeper learning: teachers.

To kick this off, a note about the inspiration for this post. A few weeks ago on this blog, Jal Mehta noted that in his experience students in blended environments find online learning less compelling than the learning they do face-to-face. Much of my anecdotal experience would conflict with this. However, when it comes to weighing the value of interactions with technology against a meaningful experience with other humans, I certainly hope Jal is right. Technology can’t replace the very best of in-person learning. Great teachers remain essential to creating and shepherding student learning through discussion, debate, coaching, advising, encouraging collaboration, and, yes, even using technology as a tool for instruction.

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