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Fuse MA Fellowship Application

Fuse MA Fellow applications are now open! Since the online application must be completed at one time (cannot save), you may wish to work on your responses in a separate document or print and fill it out offline beforehand. You may also want to read through the entire application to get a sense for what is included in the process.

Here is some information you might find helpful:

  • If you'd like to learn more about the Fuse Fellowship before applying, check out the Fuse MA Fellow Selection Criteria, view the proposed Fuse MA Fellowship Timeline, or review the Fuse RI website. The Fuse MA program is based on the past 4 years of the Fuse Fellowship in Rhode Island.
  • If you'd like to discuss this opportunity with your school or district leadership, please consult the Fuse MA Fellowship FAQs document.
  • Upon acceptance to the program, Fellows will participate in a two-day “Fuse Boot Camp.” This mandatory training will be designed to model a blended learning experience, utilizing playlists for asynchronous learning as well as workshops and performance tasks through which Fellows will demonstrate their abilities to create and collaborate. The Boot Camp is slated to occur in early February 2018.