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Lisa Leaheey

North Providence

Lisa Leaheey is an ELA teacher at North Providence High School with 16 years of experience teaching grades 9-12. Since college, she has served as "informal tech support" to her friends and colleagues, and is thrilled to serve as a Fuse Fellow, helping others integrate technology into their classrooms. She first flipped her classroom for one unit three years ago and finally followed a full blended/flipped model in the 2015-2016 school year. She is currently a member of the NEASC Commission of Public Secondary Schools, and serves as chair of visiting committees once a year. Lisa is a self-proclaimed movie geek (horror is her genre specialty) who loves getting her students up to speed with the best classic and contemporary literature and film titles. Her educator superpower is her ability to bring any tangential conversation back to focus, and her personal superpower is being able to recite the film Ghostbusters.