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Fuse RI Alumni Tour Spotlight: Tracey Nangle

Jan 11, 2017

Fuse RI Alumni Tour Spotlight: Tracey Nangle This year, Highlander Institute is staying connected with our Cohort 1 Fuse Fellows through a Fuse RI Alumni Tour. Every few weeks, we visit 3-4 Fuse Alumni around the state to catch up with them in their current roles. Follow the hashtag #FuseRIAlumniTour for more updates! Tracey Nangle…

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Remarks from Fuse Fest

Aug 17, 2016

Remarks from Fuse Fest On June 9, 2016, Highlander Institute hosted Fuse Fest, an event to celebrate the “graduation” of our inaugural cohort of Fuse RI Fellows and Partner Districts. We asked Tracey Nangle, a middle school teacher from North Smithfield and Cohort 1 Fellow partnered with Central Falls to give the keynote address. Thank…

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Q&A With Dawn Manchester

Nov 13, 2015

Highlander Institute is excited to welcome Dawn Manchester to our team as an Educational Strategies Specialist. Dawn is known for her work ethic, strong skill set, and personable nature, all important traits for the Institute’s growing team.   Describe the work you’ll be doing with Highlander: First of all, I will be trying to keep…

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Technology Fuels Student Creation in Grade 1

Sep 18, 2015

By Carrie Sorensen First Grade Teacher at Highlander Charter School & RI Fuse Fellow @Carrie_Sorensen   The use of technology in the classroom elicits great passion from both the advocates and the nay-sayers. This article by Audrey Watters seems, while well thought out and constructed, a bit too far into the conspiracy theory camp for…

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Tackling Differentiation at Pleasant View Elementary

Sep 17, 2015

  I have been teaching at Pleasant View Elementary for three years. During my first year in the classroom, our school received a grant from the Rhode Island Department of Education to become the state’s first model school for blended learning. I started my journey in Pre-K, where I only had access to a few…

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The Fuse Fellowship is Growing Up

Aug 11, 2015

When the Fuse RI Project was conceived last spring, one of its main goals was to connect motivated educators from around the state who were early adopters of blended learning practices. Through the Fellowship they would receive the training and experience they needed to start leading this work in a more formal way. The hope…

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Whose Role is it Anyway?

Apr 2, 2015

This fall, iNACOL released Teacher Competencies for Blended Learning, offering a framework describing the characteristics and skills educators need in order to lead successful blended classrooms. Interestingly, the document does not begin with a description of technical skills and acumen; rather it starts by identifying the new educator mindsets that teachers must adopt in order…

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Adaptive Software: Friend, Not Foe

Feb 25, 2015

February 25, 2015 In my work supporting blended learning in Rhode Island and the surrounding region, one of the push-backs I occasionally hear is, “Why would teachers embrace technology that’s going to make them obsolete?” When I am faced with this question, I feel a mix of anxiety and assurance. Anxiety because I know that…

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Fuse RI aims to integrate, share technology in classroom”, writes Warwick Beacon

Jan 30, 2015

Kelcy Dolan, Warwick Beacon January 29, 2015 Classrooms across the country are quickly evolving as new technology is introduced. Gone are the days of just paper and pencil; schools are now incorporating tablets, e-readers, laptops among various other devices into the normal school day to help students prepare for the modern age of technology. Here…

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The School of the Future is Here

Jan 23, 2015

Well, actually, it’s in California. Picture a child learning to swim whose parent keeps surreptitiously scooting backward to encourage them to swim further. That’s a little bit like how I feel in my work supporting blended learning at the Highlander Institute. Just when I feel like I’m starting to get it, the target moves a…

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